Why Us

Our Reputation Speaks For Itself
Manuka Honey Wellness delivers the most treasured honey in Australia and is renowned for its flavour, nutrition, medicinal properties and miraculous health and immune benefits.

The origins of our honey is from Australia’s most primitive and ancient wilderness, with the world’s purest and most pristine air and water.

You’ll likely find the taste & the well-being rewards from our brand to be unique.

In short, our Manuka Honey is “the real deal.”

And in a world where it’s reported that “over 80% of Manuka Honey is fraudulently labelled, it’s vital that you choose “the real deal.”

See For Yourself Why We’re Unique!
At Manuka Honey Wellness, we preserve the high nutritional properties of our superior antibacterial honey by avoiding heat treatment and pasteurization – instead using cold-extraction methods to produce the purest and most pristine 100% Australian Manuka Honey.

Manuka honey is renowned for its unique flavor, health benefits and medicinal properties not found in ordinary honey.

What’s The Ratings All About?
Let Us Walk You Through The Grading Process.
How the Ratings Compare MGO vs UMF

There are 2 common ways of grading Manuka honey, both of them aiming to reflect the quality of honey, by measuring its antibacterial properties: UMF and MGO.

UMF® stands for Unique Manuka Factor, which is an international quality trademark that can only be used by licensed New Zealand producers who make unmodified Manuka honey.

Another way to predetermine the effectiveness and anti-bacterial strength of Manuka Honey is to measure its Methylglyoxal (MGO) content.

MGO is found in high concentrations in Manuka Honey and as proven by German researcher, Professor Thomas Henle, is the compound responsible for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Use this table to convert between UMF and MGO ratings.
We are not medical professionals and therefore we do not make any claims related to the health benefits of using Manuka honey.

Please keep the following notes in mind:

  • Avoid Manuka honey if you have an allergy to bees, or an allergy to the pollen from which honey is made.
  • Manuka honey may be contraindicated in people with diabetes or blood sugar issues.
  • Consult with your medical professional if using chemotherapy drugs or pharmaceutical therapies – there’s a risk Manuka honey may interfere with such drugs.
  • Consuming medicinal strength Manuka honey is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Raw honey is not recommended for consumption in children under 18 months of age due to the rare possibility that Clostridium Botulinum spores could be present.